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Middle School - circa 1992

Hi!  We are Jill and Sarah! And WE are your best friends on the internet.

We have known each other for a REALLY long time.  When we tell people that we’ve been friends since the second grade they are often really surprised.  Once, some guy from Stanford said he wanted to do a case study on us. We know how rare it is to keep a friend all the way from elementary school – especially with all the change life brings.  Somehow we always managed to find our way back to each other.  And when we did, we always picked up right where we left off.  We have shared a lot – from melodramatic middle school mix tapes to a high school locker to letters across many miles to wedding plans and baby tips and tricks.  There is no doubt that we are each other’s person – and always will be.

The Jill and Sarah Show invites you into our living rooms as we chat about motherhood, lady bossing, friendship, spouses, family, friendship and sooo much more.  We often share our cozy couch (on the interwebs or in real life) with some incredible guests who share the stuff they know tons about so we can all get a little smarter and way cooler.

If you’re feeling all alone in this weird motherhood, middle aged, the world is burning time – don’t worry! You’ve got us! Jill and Sarah – your best friends on the internet!

Middle Aged - circa 2018


aggressively friendly

Jill Mansfield has a crush on California and loves living in the Sacramento Area.  She grew up in a family of five kids, two parents and still manages to love them all dearly.  Jill is married to her high school sweetheart and they have two beautiful daughters. The four of them adore their labradoodle pup.
With over 12+ years of on-line and social media experience, Jill still gets excited about a well-written Facebook post.  She is the founder of a successful on-line community, blog, and this podcast as well as the Social Media Director for a Northern California non-profit organization. 
She is an annoying optimist and aggressively friendly.


charming curmudgeon

Sarah Maren is a full time photographer, part time wife and mother, occasional writer and obsessed with all things podcast.  She, like most people with soul crushing insomnia, loves coffee likes it’s one of her children. When she’s not making pretty pictures or podcasts you’ll find her hanging out with her handsome husband and two cute kids.  She can be found dancing in her kitchen, curled up on the sofa agonizing over what to binge watch next, or fantasizing about completely remodeling her house. Most likely, you’ll find her in her room trying to fold the seven loads of laundry she washed last week but can’t seem to get put away.

The Jill & Sarah Show is what happens when two best friends become YOUR best friends on the internet. It’s a weekly dose of fun, mischief and it’s a boost of joy that can only come from chatting with your best friends. We are your ride or die internet friends! But only if that means we can do all that from our respective couches watching Parks & Rec and The West Wing on repeat. (Yes, Netflix…let’s just always assume that we are “still watching” stop making us feel bad.) Join us as we have THE BEST TIME interviewing some of our favorite people so that they can be some of your favorite people, too. We love laughing. We love joy. We love being best friends and hanging out with all of you.

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