The Jill and Sarah Show

Epi. 01:08 – Back to the Future – One Year Post Cancer with Jaimee

Show Notes Part the Second! No one likes to talk about the “C” word. We get it. Neither do we. But we love to talk to our dearest friend Jaimee and you know what? She had breast cancer. And we learned a lot about being a better friend and how to HELP our friends better – especially when they are going through the toughest fight ever. Join us this week for Part 2 of our interview with Jaimee as we tackle anxiety and empathy and maybe an embarrassing story from high school or two. MENTIONS  ...

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Episode 01:05 – The Okayest Moms Get Real

The AMAZING Okayest Moms Blog join us on the show this week! They embrace their “okayest mom” status so hard. And no one loves this more than us. But…we know you will love them, too! MENTIONS We went to see Les Miserables so long ago, in a land far away Treat Sort Yourself! Moms Run This Town  ...

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Being A Light In A Dark World with Alice Chase

Beautiful Land Mermaid, Alice Chase joins us on The Jill and Sarah Show this week! In a world that can be so dark, we love that we can talk about how to be a light – and even some ideas on how to love and serve the community. MENTIONS Beautiful Land Mermaid, coined by Leslie Knope Jill’s Church  ...

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Episode 01::03 – Cool For The Summer

Summer is here! And, let’s be real, if we have to entertain all these children, we’d really like someone to entertain us. Here is what we are watching, reading and loving this summer!   (There are no MAJOR spoilers, but we certainly chat about some newly released movies. So…spoiler alert?  ...

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Season One


HI!  I am Sarah (on the left) and that’s my best friend Jill (on the right) and we are quitters.  Yeah, I said it – QUITTERS. Jill and I have a long history of starting things – blogs, communities, podcasts, instagrams, tumblrs – if it’s part of the social media  ...

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