The Jill and Sarah Show


02:07 – Permission to Feel the Feelings

This week Jill and Sarah record at Sarah’s house on her cozy new sofa and talk all about feeling the feelings.  Jill tries to interview Sarah a bit, but Sarah turns it back around on Jill PER THE USUAL! There is much talk about how they both used books and music to figure out how to be a human and how to now they try to help their kids be humans.  Overall, you’re not going to want to miss out on this conversation. As mostly is the case, the links below may be affiliate links.   ...

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02:06 – Permission To Be A Boss with Baily Hancock

This week we are getting bossy and giving ourselves all sorts of permission to do so!  We are SO happy to have welcomed out special guest and all around amazing human, Baily Hancock.  She’s beauty and she’s grace – she’s smarter than both of us and so full of truth and goodness that we were straight up shook by this chat.  We hope you are to!! Now, get on with your badass self!   MENTIONS: Yeah Field Trip Baily Hancock – Entrepeneur Feminasty TimeHop Esther  ...

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02:05 – Permission to Play with Jeff Harry

This week we are granting permission to play!  We are joined by our awesome friend, Jeff Harry who is an expert on all things play and one of the funnest humans ever.  He chats with us about why it’s important to have fun, and how play can actually make you better at adulting.  It’s one of the best interviews we’ve had and we can’t wait to make an IKEA sardines game happen. MENTIONS: Mom 2.0 Conference LEGO Play-Well KIA Toys R Us Disneyland Super Market Sweep IKEA  ...

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02:04 – Permission to Rest with Ashlee Gadd

This week we are joined by Coffee & Crumbs creator and all around amazing human Ashlee Gadd as we chat about giving ourselves permission to do something radical and almost unheard of for women – REST!  Ashlee shares her experience of taking a month long rest from her thriving blog and podcast and how it may have been the best thing she’s ever done.  We were cheering her on and loved this conversation!   MENTIONS: (many of these are afflilliate links) Netflix A Star is  ...

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