02:03 – Permission to Be Creative with Lisa Bardot

The Jill and Sarah Show
02:03 - Permission to Be Creative with Lisa Bardot

This week we are graced with the amazing presence of one of our favorite humans on earth, artist extrodinairre Lisa Bardot.  Lisa joins us as we talk about giving ourselves permission to be creative and to NOT be perfectionists.  We talk about how art can make us better humans, creativity isn’t one size fits all, and making your passion how you make money can be a whole bunch of difficult.  We hope you enjoy this chat with Lisa and get inspired to get creative!

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Jill: Fall Traditions, puzzles, marshmallow popcorn

Lisa: Fall, slowing down and enjoying family fall time

Sarah: Puzzles – Ice Cream Puzzle, Halloween Puzzle, dedicated puzzle table, Seasons puzzle, Harry Potter Puzzles



Lisa Bardot

Lisa Bardot is an artist/creative maven/self-proclaimed-jack-of-all-trades-master-of-fun. Her mission in all her creative endeavors is to bring cheer, color, and playfulness into the lives of her customers and clients. She works in a number of creative fields including painting, illustration, photography, graphic design, printmaking, sewing, textiles, and more she’s probably forgetting right now. In her most recent work, she explores and promotes self-development and vulnerability through art.

And when she’s not making things, Lisa likes to indulge long romantic walks through IKEA, making up songs for her two kids, and dipping french fries in ice cream.

Website: Bardot Brush

Socials: Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest



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