Epi. 01:08 – Back to the Future – One Year Post Cancer with Jaimee

The Jill and Sarah Show
Epi. 01:08 - Back to the Future - One Year Post Cancer with Jaimee

Show Notes

Part the Second! No one likes to talk about the “C” word. We get it. Neither do we. But we love to talk to our dearest friend Jaimee and you know what? She had breast cancer. And we learned a lot about being a better friend and how to HELP our friends better – especially when they are going through the toughest fight ever. Join us this week for Part 2 of our interview with Jaimee as we tackle anxiety and empathy and maybe an embarrassing story from high school or two.


Looks Like We Made It

Living on a Prayer

West Wing: Noel Episode

THE graduation song we “sang”: One Moment in Time

Pollyanna and The Glad Game

Friend of the show, Marianne and her book!



  • Jill: A family weekend away and being an auntie!!
  • Sarah: We can’t shut up about our Kindle Oasis. We’re the worst. But we love it.
  • Jaimee: Family and friends and LAUGHING.



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