The Jill and Sarah Show


02:03 – Permission to Be Creative with Lisa Bardot

This week we are graced with the amazing presence of one of our favorite humans on earth, artist extrodinairre Lisa Bardot.  Lisa joins us as we talk about giving ourselves permission to be creative and to NOT be perfectionists.  We talk about how art can make us better humans, creativity isn’t one size fits all, and making your passion how you make money can be a whole bunch of difficult.  We hope you enjoy this chat with Lisa and get inspired to get creative! This post contains  ...

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02:02 – Permission to Stack that Paper with Amiyrah Martin

In the immortal words of Queen Bey we are here today to talk about Stacking her paper Stacking her cake up She grinds from Monday to Friday Works from Friday to Sunday We are SO excited to have the incredible, talented, and generous Amiyrah Martin as this episodes guest as we talk about the permission we need to take control of our wallets and our schedules. Amiyrah shares her story of becoming a frugal goddess, getting her financial life right and budgeting her time as well as her dollars.  ...

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02:01 – Permission Granted

Welcome to Season Two of TJASS!! We are excited to be back with you for another exciting season of internet best friending.  This season we are being wild and crazy and following a theme – Permission Granted – and we are SUPER stoked about it!  We are talking to many awesome and inspiring humans this season and we can’t wait to share it all with you, our dear internet besties.  Thanks for joining us!! MENTIONS: Put A Bird On It Sarah Maren Photography Jill’s iPhone  ...

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BONUS EPI: Ask Us Anything!

We are in between seasons, but that doesn’t mean we’ve gone away!  Thanks for sliding into our DM’s to Ask Us Anything! Here are some of the answers to the questions about The Jill and Sarah Show that have had you wondering!!  Enjoy!   Mentions: Our old website A Wild Rumpus Bullet Journal Plum Planner Erin Condren Planner (Sarah does not like or recommend) Apple Watch Macaroni Grill Borders Books (RIP) Belle Mary Poppins Winnie the Pooh

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