The Jill and Sarah Show :: Episode 01-01 Welcome!

The Jill and Sarah Show
The Jill and Sarah Show :: Episode 01-01 Welcome!


Welcome to The Jill and Sarah Show!!  This is our first ever episode and we can’t thank you enough for giving us a listen.  This episode is an introduction to all things Jill and Sarah.  They’ve been best friends for over 30 years and are YOUR best friends on the internet.  Enjoy a brief history of their relationship, who got a kid named after them and why they are the Michael Phelps of quitting… BUT NOT ANYMORE!!


Journey brings us in after so much time away

Our Mentor: Jaime Golden

Michael Phelps is not a quitter (but we are)

MAC trucks (are they even still around?) (Apparently YES)

Mom 2.0 Summit

Marianne Hansen

After All: Peter Cetera & Cher

Charlie’s Angels (Jill/Farrah Faucet)


Pollyanna and The Glad Game

Wayne’s World





Jill: The Jill and Sarah Show! We are back and I’m so happy.

Sarah:  Never Ending Karaoke Hits Google Play Station and Bohemian Rhapsody




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