Epi. 01:07 – Saying “F Cancer” Without Saying The F Word with Jaimee W.

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Epi. 01:07 - Saying "F Cancer" Without Saying The F Word with Jaimee W.

No one likes to talk about the “C” word. We get it. Neither do we. But we love to talk to our dearest friend Jaimee and you know what? She had breast cancer. And we learned a lot about being a better friend and how to HELP our friends better – especially when they are going through the toughest fight ever. Join us this week as we go back in time to an interview we recorded with Jaimee in December of 2016 for Part 1 of our interview with Jaimee.



• Jill: Summer Camp! Very little sleep but a whole bunch of fun with some of the coolest high school students.
• Sarah: The treasure that is Fred Rogers and sobbing through Won’t You Be My Neighbor



This week’s episode is brought to you by:

I’m Just Happy to Be Here by Janelle Hanchett



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